Oil and Gas Support Services

Fastnet Shipping Limited is a multi-disciplinary marine company whose services base includes a broad range of Support / Fisheries Liaison and chartering services to the Offshore Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy Sectors.

We have amassed a great deal of experience across a broad range of sectors which include but is not limited to Vessel Ownership & Management, towage, crew transfer operations, dredging and beyond.
Some of the services we currently offer to the offshore Oil & Gas support and Renewable Energy Sectors include

• Supply of Fisheries Liaison Officers (Onshore and Offshore) including back office support.
• Pre and Post Project Reports.
• Fishing traffic analysis and density reports.
• Multilingual navigational warnings prepared, distributed monitored and maintained
• Consultations carried out at local level with effected fisheries and ports as well as government departments.
• Bird monitoring surveys.
• Project Guard Vessels & Support.
• Nearshore Survey Vessels.
• Crew Transfer Vessels.
• Offshore Bunker and Cargo Transfers.
• Platforms and Vessels for Environmental Monitoring & Sampling including installation and retrieval of monitoring equipment.

Fastnet Shipping’s expertise in the provision of services to the Offshore Oil & Gas Support and Renewable Energy Sectors include

• Highly experienced personnel with proven track records within the fisheries liaison role both onshore and offshore.
• Large fishery fleet management experience.
• Trans boundary inshore and offshore fishery management experience
• Proven knowledge and understanding of the crossover between the fishing industry and the seismic industry and in the majority of cases we have been able to anticipate in advance what will be required to maximize production and minimize standby or downtime as a result of fishery activity.
• Supporting various 2D and 3D projects as well as rig moves.
• Supporting environmental sampling and monitoring equipment installation and retrieval.