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Fastnet Shipping operate both a young and versatile fleet of monohull and modular jack up barges all which can be raised / jacked above sea level to provide a stable working platform where wave or tidal movements may cause problems.

Some of the capabilities of our barges include

• Site Investigation Support
• Marine & Overwater Construction Support
• Crane Platforms
• Dive Platforms
• Dredging Support
• Exhibition Platforms
• Jetties
• Temporary Bridges

Our Modular/Road Transportable jack up barges are based on the Combifloat / Flexiflote C5 System and owing to their flexible modular design they are easily and quickly configurable to meet each individual contractors / charterers bespoke needs. Furthermore our modular barges can be easily deployed almost anywhere worldwide. Some of our most notable locations where our modular units have recently operated include The Falkland Islands, Belize, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates.

Our Monohull barge “Jakup” is larger platform when compared to our modular units and can operate in waters up to 30m depth subject to local conditions.

For further details on our barges and their capabilities please click on the vessel you wish to view to your left hand side, further more please contact our office to discuss your project requirements and to obtain a competitive quote.