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Fastnet Shipping’s Multicat Fastnet Sound is a 26 x 11m vessel which is ideally suited to the dredging, aquaculture and marine construction industries.

Fastnet Sound is a large versatile vessel which features a 110t/m crane, large deck space and up to 5 point mooring additionally Fastnet Sound is also fitted with a large “A” frame for plough dredging

Some of the main roles suited to the vessel include but are not limited to

• Dive Support
• Dredging Support
• Aquaculture Support
• Marine Construction Support
• Site Investigations and Vibracoring
• Offshore Refuelling
• Civil engineering support
• Crew and personnel transfer.

All charters include fully certified, competent and experienced skippers and crew.

For further details on our vessels and their capabilities please click on the vessel you wish to view to your left hand side, further more please contact our office to discuss your project requirements and to obtain a competitive quote.